For Once, Then, Something
by Robert Frost (1920)

Others taunt me with having knelt at well-curbs
Always wrong to the light, so never seeing
Deeper down in the well than where the water
Gives me back in a shining surface picture
My myself in the summer heaven, godlike
Looking out of a wreath of fern and cloud puffs.
Once, when trying with chin against a well-curb,
I discerned, as I thought, beyond the picture,
Through the picture, a something white, uncertain,
Something more of the depths—and then I lost it.
Water came to rebuke the too clear water.
One drop fell from a fern, and lo, a ripple
Shook whatever it was lay there at bottom,
Blurred it, blotted it out. What was that whiteness
Truth? A pebble of quartz? For once, then, something.

This project was envisioned to free myself to explore photography again.

In order to do that I've devised a set of simple rules:

1. Produce images every day for one year. Make time to be creative.
2. Post one image every day. Share, get feedback.
3. Work with the minimum of equipment. Rely on myself to create compelling images.
4. Keep it simple. Limit post processing to basic color, tone and contrast adjustments.
5. Finally, this project should only be the start! Photography projects are encouraged.

This website was inspired by the poem "For Once, Then, Something" by Robert Frost. It encapsulates exactly what I'm feeling as I embark on this journey. It is my hope that by one year from now I will have caught that glimpse of "truth" again.

Wish me luck.

- Pete Kulupka, March 20th 2010